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5 Ways Mobile Technologies Have Changed Business

Mobile Marketing

Oct 23, 2019

Mobile Marketing_2Mobile technology capabilities have grown leaps and bounds over the last two decades, taking their usage from a personal luxury to a business necessity. Today’s mobile applications are (generally) affordable and accessible, making them ideal integrated marketing methods for reaching and sharing messaging with customers. has put together the following list of ways that mobile technology has changed how the following five companies do business—and how your business can adopt the same techniques for similar success.

Messenger Apps

Many businesses are beginning to use messenger apps for live customer chat. Less costly than SMS, messenger apps are widely available and provide an easy way for businesses to interact with customers—they can ask you questions, connect with someone from your business in real-time, and the conversation can be saved for later reference.

Travel search engine Kayak uses Facebook’s messenger app as a more personalized way to field customer questions regarding bookings.

Direct Communications

Mobile technology presents a new way to be available to customers on your schedule. With portable devices, you can reach and engage with customers any time that you and they would like, letting them check-in, ask questions, and ensure that they have all of their questions answered—even while on the go.

The Kroger grocery chain is using mobile technology for online ordering and pickup, as well as following up with customers. Kroger also sends suggestions, thank yous, and surveys that are all mobile-friendly.

Working Remotely

Working from home is often cited as a popular business option by employees. Today’s data speeds and technological advancements make it possible for employees to work remotely—anywhere in the world. Integrated marketers can make calls while on the run, talk to customers, send messages, and so much more—all from one supercomputer that fits in your pocket.

The Humana healthcare company has jumped on the remote work bandwagon for employees that are not public-facing. Using their laptop and a hotspot or their mobile device, they can work anywhere with an Internet connection, contributing to workplace flexibility and satisfaction.

Video Demos

Having your mobile device in your pocket or bag is like carrying your computer and a projector to every client meeting. Those working in the field can easily pull up customer information, access GPS, or showcase video demonstrations on the go. Integrated marketers can pull up work samples, comps of art or videos, websites, and more, rapidly and easily to share with a customer and/or receive approval. Clients love to watch videos on their smartphones, and companies love the ease and speed with which they can share campaigns.

Samm’s Heating & Air Conditioning is an HVAC company taking advantage of this type of mobile service. They often use handheld devices to show video demonstrations to customers in the field or to report in on project status. Customers can even receive notifications as to the estimated arrival of a field technician.

Mobile Payments

Gone are the days when consumers had no choice but to pay by cash or check when not in a brick and mortar store. The advent of mobile payment applications and tools have opened the world of business to online artisans, entrepreneurs, and others who were previously hampered by the limitations of how to accept payment outside of traditional shops.

Using apps like Venmo, Zelle, Cash, or PayPal, marketers can also take payment at an event, tradeshow, or even in their own shops.

Primitive Wood-N-Giggles, a custom woodworking business, is now able to process seamless and secure payments whether at a local craft fair or if taking custom orders from home.

What’s Next for Mobile?

The Future of Mobile is Unlimited. Consumers continue to expect new developments in apps and technologies from business, while companies that have become accustomed to the convenience will look forward to new features. The continual expansion of capabilities means that even the smallest solopreneur will be able to do mobile business with its customers.

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