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The Rhythm of Integrated Marketing

5 Tips for List Hygiene and Maintenance - Ensuring Clean, Quality, Accurate Data

Data Management

Sep 11, 2019

In many ways, clean data is the key to marketing success, whether you are using direct mail or email outreach. But according to ZoomInfo, 94% of businesses suspect that they have inaccuracies in their databases. How can you help your business avoid falling prey to the same dirty data dilemma that affects so many others?

Your Guess-Free Guide to Creating Impactful, Digital Signage


Sep 04, 2019

Creating high-impact content for digital signage will help integrated marketers attract customers and increase sales. These content creation best practices take the guesswork out of signs that get people spending.

Choose the Right Game to Win Your Next Tradeshow

Event Marketing

Aug 28, 2019

Using a contest is a great way to increase foot traffic at a tradeshow or event. However, it’s not all fun and games for integrated marketers: when done right, contests are effective at generating engagement and supporting long-term business goals.

5 Predictions for the Future of Paid Search

Search Marketing

Aug 21, 2019

Paid search has been an important part of an integrated marketers strategic planning for several years now. But—as with most things Internet-related—the times, they are a-changin’. Pay Per Click (PPC) functionality is a bit of a moving target with AI and other technology. In this article we take a look at the top five changes that are headed toward Paid Search in the not-too-distant future.

10 Tips for Making Your Content Clear & Enduring

Content Marketing

Aug 14, 2019

Good content writing will stand the test of time, enticing readers to save a piece and re-read it periodically. Integrated marketers often find themselves in charge of creating content and hoping that it will rank highly on Google and stick with readers. In this article, we explore 10 tips from best-selling authors to help marketers learn how to make their content stand out.

Make the Most out of Your Promotional Products Budget

Promotional Products

Aug 07, 2019

High quality promotional products are an investment in your business. These tips can help integrated marketers spend smarter and  get more bang for their promo bucks.

Using ROO and ROI to Measure the True Impact of Your Signage


Jul 31, 2019

Integrated marketers have traditionally looked at Return on Investment (ROI) to measure the performance of a project. By also measuring Return on Objectives (ROO) marketers can see a broader picture of a project’s impact and get insights to inform additional marketing efforts.

6 Non-Traditional Ways to Build an Online Community

Marketing Strategy

Jul 24, 2019

SmartInsights has proffered six non-traditional ways to reach audiences and build an engaged, active community using demographics, content, inspiration, and authenticity.

3 Keys for Marketing to a Mobile Audience - Location, Reaching the Right Audience, and Attribution

Mobile Marketing

Jul 17, 2019

As of February of this year, mobile ad spend will account for almost $166bn of the $616bn total global ad spend. This fact alone demonstrates mobile marketing’s dominance in advertising, including the use of strategies like geo-targeting and geo-conquesting by integrated marketers in order to ratchet efficacy up even higher. 

Boost Your Direct Marketing Success with a Johnson Box (and Its Email Equivalent)

Direct Marketing

Jul 10, 2019

Most integrated marketers understand there’s a lot about direct mail that seems counterintuitive. First of all, the medium itself still continues to outperform most digital tactics. And it’s a technique that’s been around for 60 years, that still works as well now as it did back in the day.

The Surprising Secret to Standout Content Marketing Campaigns(1)

Content Marketing

Jul 03, 2019

Want more on the value of developing an offline campaign? Read how direct mail and digital make a perfect pair.

How to Get More Quality Followers on Instagram

Social Media

Jun 26, 2019

If you’re a social marketer on Instagram, gaining quality followers for your business or brand is important – but it’s not the only measure of success. Here are a few tips for getting followers who will engage with, support, and ultimately buy from your business.

5 Tips to Align SEO with Web Design

Search Marketing

Jun 19, 2019

Marketers who manage search engine optimization (SEO) know how crucial it is to the overall integrated marketing strategy for generating online results. While it is widely acknowledged to be a critical function, even many seasoned professionals make the mistake of thinking that SEO doesn’t have a place in the marketing mix until campaigns and advertising are well under way.

Break Your Data Addiction by Measuring Return On Objectives

Marketing Strategy

Jun 12, 2019

It’s time for integrated marketers to break the data addiction and start measuring Return on Objectives (ROO). Compared to raw sales figures or digital metrics, ROO provides a deeper, more robust picture of the success of complex or long-term marketing efforts. 

3 Ways to Ensure That Your Event is Truly Experiential

Event Marketing

Jun 05, 2019

Conferences That Work has put together a list of three attributes that signify genuine experiential conferences, and conversely, those that are just borrowing the title.

3 Steps You Can Take for More Effective Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile Marketing

May 29, 2019

Smart Insights has put together a three-step approach to boosting lead capture on mobile landing pages that will help integrated marketers develop more effective landing pages.

3 MORE Social Media Tactics to Enhance Your Email Marketing

Social Media,Email Marketing

May 22, 2019

With social media now in use by millions and billions of users (depending on platform), we thought it was time to revisit this article about social media tactics that any integrated marketer can use to enhance their email marketing.

Gen Z Hates Marketing. Here’s How You Market to Them, Anyway.

Marketing Strategy

May 15, 2019

With spending power of $44 billion and growing every day, Gen Z is a market segment ripe for the picking. But they HATE advertising and marketing. Here’s how smart integrated marketers are getting around that.

3 Tips (Plus Two Bonus Suggestions) for Maximizing Social Proof

Social Media

May 08, 2019

As many integrated marketers have discovered, though, it is also a tremendously useful platform for boosting your credibility, as Social Media Examiner has outlined in its recent article providing three tips for using social proof in your marketing efforts.

Think Small: The Art and Science of Writing UX Microcopy


May 01, 2019

‘Microcopy’ refers to the short blurbs, words, and phrases on a website, product, or app that shape the user journey and overall impression of your brand. Small in size but huge in significance, here’s how integrated marketers can write microcopy right.

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