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Blog Post | Apr 05, 2022

5 Types of Signs That Will Wow Employees and Clients

Interior signs can be an integral part of your workspace design and branding. Today’s signs can wrap around columns, jump out from a divider or float on a wall to share messages, communicate your culture or boast about accomplishments. Here are five trendy interior sign options that will transform your office space.

Topics: Creative Services, Signage, Fulfillment

Did you know that the design of your work or retail space can communicate a lot about your company? It speaks to your vision, values and practices and is a visible manifestation of your culture.

But many businesses don’t realize how easy and affordable it can be to overhaul your office or store interior with custom wallpaper, murals, stand-off lettering and other types of wraps and signs that are usually associated with marketing campaigns. The right indoor signage can help grow your business, improve morale and build brand loyalty.

Below are five types of interior signage that can be used to make workspaces stand out while communicating what matters to your organization in a fun and creative way.
  1. Vinyl wall murals—A wall mural is a stylish way to enhance your brand or just incorporate a fun element into your workspace. You can visually convey your vision, mission statement or core values as a reminder to employees while letting customers and other visitors know what you stand for. Consider a custom mural wallpaper that effectively covers an entire wall of your office.
  2. Wall graphics—Though similar in many ways to wall murals, wall graphics typically aren’t as large, though they can still help to update or rebrand a space. They can include corporate typography and imagery and can be featured on conference room or lobby walls. Wall graphics are typically colorful, big and bold and can look like virtually anything including a word cloud, your company’s mission statement or a company timeline. Wall graphics are typically cutouts, vinyl stickers, decals, block-cut vinyl or reusable fabric graphics. 
  3. Dimensional letters and logos—Made of PVC, acrylic, wood, foam or metal, dimensional letters and logos are a great way to make a statement while informing or educating visitors and staff. The letters “jump off the wall,” drawing attention to displays or other visuals you’d like to highlight. Your imagination is the limit for how you use dimensional letters. Consider a 3D logo over your reception desk or 3D letters that spell out an important message in the conference room where you pitch potential clients.
  4. Architectural displays—Architectural displays allow for a little more creativity in your office design. They may include interior logos or other signs secured by trusses, tensioned cables or other custom assemblies that document important corporate milestones, display your company’s timeline or recognize employees or important clients. A variety of materials can be incorporated—vinyl, acrylic, wood or aluminum standoffs are often used to create exhibits that fit perfectly into office nooks or wrap around columns or other architectural elements.
  5. Stand-off mounted acrylic prints—Easily mounted to walls and providing a luxurious, polished look, stand-off displays are an elegant and affordable way to frame and share special messaging or images. The 3D display is a way to hang an acrylic sign or print by drilling holes into the corners for stand-offs. The stand-offs are strong enough to secure the acrylic to the wall, leaving space behind the image and letting it appear to float off the wall. This sleek, modern design instantly enhances any space, transforming an ordinary sign into an attention-getting, durable and contemporary sign. 

These are just a sampling of the interior sign types that are available to businesses looking to upgrade their office space. We can help you identify the signage solutions that best suit your aesthetic and budget.