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Blog Post | Jan 04, 2022

As COVID Drags On, Social Distancing Signage Remains Essential

It’s been nearly two years, and it doesn’t look like COVID is going anywhere soon. Healthcare experts recommend that businesses continue to practice social distancing as the most effective means to help slow or stop the spread of the virus. Is it time to update or replace your social distancing signage or explore new options?

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Integrated marketers take note: Now that some time has passed since the start of the pandemic, sign creators have had time to get creative with the selections available for floors, windows, displays and more. Whether you want to advertise curbside pickup availability, new hours, social distancing rules or mask requirements, you can now find customizable choices that better suit your business than what was available at the start of the pandemic. And now that we’re nearly two years into the pandemic, chances are your social distancing signage needs refreshing.

Vinyl floor graphics
With so many people looking down at phones and devices while they stand in line or move through aisles, the floor is a focal point that you want to capitalize on. Use vinyl floor graphics to guide people around your business (way-finding), enforce social distancing of six feet between customers (it’s farther than most people think!) or indicate if aisles are for one-way movement. High-quality vinyl graphics pack a big punch and can be customized with your copy and business name and cut into different sizes and shapes.

Vinyl graphics are also advantageous because they can be cleanly removed from most surfaces without causing damage or leaving adhesive residue behind. Materials other than vinyl may be used for floor signs intended for concrete, carpet, wood, laminate or sidewalk. Professionally designed and produced signs also have a longer “shelf life” in terms of durability, traction and adhesion. And the addition of a clear protective coating will help signs withstand the wear and tear of thousands of feet walking over them.

A-frame signs or sandwich boards
These versatile signs offer practically limitless opportunities for messaging. They are convenient and portable, so place them wherever you need to share important information. They are often used outside business entrances to communicate vital information or directions.

The following are some possible uses for A-frame signs:
  • Share your mask policy
  • Reinforce your social distancing requirements
  • Post your business’ health and hygiene practices
  • Indicate where a line begins
  • Share curbside ordering or pickup details
  • Direct customers to hand sanitizer stations
  • Let customers know when you’re open or if your hours have changed

Window graphics
Much like floor graphics, window graphics are made of sturdy, long-lasting materials and can be produced in any shape or size. They’re also fade resistant, designed for long-term display and easy to install.

Window graphics are an eye-catching way to communicate with customers both inside and outside your business. They allow you to “talk” to customers before they even enter your business. While they have traditionally been used to share special promotions, broadcast sales and entice shoppers inside, window signs are now commonly used to convey pandemic-related messages.

Like window and floor graphics, decals can be die-cut in any size or shape. Tough and resilient, thin and adhesive-backed, they can be mounted nearly anywhere you want to share important information with customers and employees. Talk to your sign producer about your intended use because manufacturing differs for each application. Decals are designed to be easily affixed to mirrors, windows, wet surfaces or fabrics, and they offer stress-free removal.

Another draw is that they’re small and flexible for use on smaller surfaces. Consider decals for marking seats to indicate where customers should/should not sit; in bathrooms at sinks, urinals and stalls; on doors to specify entry and exit; on tabletops in restaurants; and on sidewalks to guide people into your business.

Honorable mentions
Other social distancing signage options to consider are retractable banners, yard signs, hanging signs, posters, sneeze guards and barriers, hand sanitizer bottle signs, hygiene and handwashing reminders, and hands-free payment reminders.

Order replacement signage today
Social distancing—and the signs that enforce it—are with us for the foreseeable future as an aspect of doing business. Our professional staff has created social distancing and other pandemic-related signage for hundreds of businesses of every size. Talk with our team about creating the custom signage your business needs to effectively communicate pandemic protocols with your customers.