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The Rhythm of Integrated Marketing

5 Ways to Use Content as Customer Service

Content Marketing

Nov 27, 2019

Content Marketing_2019Ask any integrated marketer: it’s cheaper and easier to keep the customers you have than it is to acquire new ones. In fact, acquisition is five times the cost of retention, and the success rate of selling to an established customer is 60 – 70%, compared to only 5% to 20% for a new customer.

If you’ve only been thinking about content marketing as an acquisition tool, it’s time to flip the script and think about how your content can better retain and serve existing customers. These tips will help you start to think about how you can position both your content and your customer service team to work smarter.

Give Your Customer Service Team a Say in Content Development

Nobody understands your service pain points better than your customer service team: they hear the questions and complaints and are often responsible for advising your end-users on how to get the most out of your products. Solicit their perspective early on – when you’re creating content that meets their needs, you’re also meeting the needs of your customers.

Curate Your Service-Focused Content

The customer service-content relationship goes both ways: once you’ve received your team’s feedback, make it easy for them to find and use the content you create. Not only can this save time for service professionals who frequently need to pull answers from many different sources, you’re strengthening your brand by providing content written in a way to align service and marketing messages.

Regularly Include Case Studies and Testimonials

Consider adding info-packed case studies and testimonials to give customers deeper insight into how your products are used to solve real business problems. The great thing about including case studies and testimonials in your content mix is that they work as service, lead-gen, and social proof.

When planning testimonials, pick your 10 most profitable customers and ask them what they’ve gotten out of working with your company. Then edit ruthlessly. Whether you’re working with video or text, having only a few high-quality sound-bytes is better than five minutes of unfocused, rambling praise. HubSpot has collected a few that showcases a wide variety of examples.

Use a Support Situation to Promote Your Content

You already know your customers want and need information; why not take advantage of a situation to create even more value? At the end of a service call when the customer’s issue has been resolved, have your service professionals recommend a related piece of content, such as a recent blog article or a webinar. It’s upselling in a way that doesn’t ask your service reps to step into the role of salesperson yet drives customers and prospects deeper into the funnel.

Get Help with One (or All) of the Items on Your List

Great content combines tonally appropriate writing with impactful images or videos. For many integrated marketers, it’s a daunting task – but, it doesn’t have to be! Whether you need professional-looking customer success videos or some extra assistance aligning your content strategy and calendar to your company’s goals. We are committed to the highest standard of customer service – and with our help, your customers will know that you are, too. 

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